HMF 2010

MusicFest 2010

Harvey Milk Festival 2010 was the inaugural festival. It took place May 22, 2010 in Rosemary District in Sarasota, Florida – on the birthday of both Harvey Milk and HMF founder and president Shannon Fortner. May 22, 2010 was declared “Harvey Milk Day” in California and events were held to celebrate the life of Harvey Milk throughout the nation. Additionally, the movie “Milk”, starring Sean Penn, had been released not long before and brought additional spotlight attention to the life story of Harvey Milk. Since Fortner shared a birthday with Milk and has herself felt the heartbreak of the unjust laws of the USA towards its LGBT citizens, she decided to try to raise awareness for equality through music and art. Fortner is in a committed same-sex relationship with a UK national and there are no immigration or marriage laws available for them to legally live together in this country, and it was this personal struggle that led to the birth of the Harvey Milk Festival.


MeteorEyes || Brandon Hilton || Elysian Sex Drive || Lorna Bracewell || Andy Matchett and the Minks || Jun Bustamante || Christie Lenee || This Is An Adventure || Satellite Kill || Peace Mole and the Psychedelic Multicolored Litmus Paper || Shock to the System || DJ Sinna-G || Miss Lindsay Carlton ||Dr. Nick Puppet Show || Michael Miller || Jonny Jenaro || Vanessa Brown || Completely From Mountains || Harper Sublette || The Indian Givers || Maid Mosephine || Florida Studio Theater Improv Troupe || Thom Vernon’s writer’s workshop


James Geiger, public speaker
Steve Kornell, St. Petersburg City Council, District 5

Master of Ceremonies

Todd Kachinski-Kottmeier, aka “The Infamous Todd”

Poster Artists

Daniel Miller
Kyle Cross

HMF 2010 Photo Gallery

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ArtFest 2010 “The Milk Collection”

The Harvey Milk Art Festival 2010 was titled “The Milk Collection”. It opened the evening before Harvey Milk Festival at Pure Luxe, around the corner from the main festival and continued through the festival. Several local artists responded to the call for representations of Harvey Milk and what he means to the struggle for equality and human rights.

Contributing Artists

Truman Adams || John Burgess || Kyle Cross || Michelle Fisher || PJ Joy || Marcile Powers || Dawnyelle Singleton || Alexander Wallis


Ciera Galbraith

VIDEO: Harvey Milk Festival 2010

Were you there? Here’s a recap of the first ever Harvey Milk Festival, May 22, 2010